Yes all the services listed under free services are completely free and can be used personally or commercially.

Once TFD team has all the required information, you will get the final result within 3 working days.

Once TFD team has all the required info, you will get the final result within 24 hours but if the next coming days are Saturday and Sunday then you will get the final result on the next working day.

Yes source files will be provided to you upon request.

If you want free services then you need to request us with all your requirements and if you get selected then you will be provided with your work and if not selected then you can reapply for the same. If you do not want to wait until your selection, then you can visit our store and through that you can pay and get your work done instantly.

If you have opted for free services there is nothing we can do about it but we will try to provide you various revisions so that you can have final result as per your need and in case of paid order if you are not satisfied with final result we shall refund your money.

Yes you can.

Yes you can.

There is no subscription option available for now. You have to order each time you want the services or have to request it for free.
You can check price listed on store site for all services.

Yes you can and for that kindly send your resume at info@thefreedesigner.com.If you are selected we will feature you on our website as well.

You can apply unlimited times for services, but if in a day you apply multiple times, only once the request will be taken into consideration.

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