Raster to Vector

Raster or vector images play an important role in the creation of computer graphics. Raster graphics are basically bitmaps which are a framework of pixels that together form an image. Raster graphics provide images as the collection of numerous tiny squares. These pixels are worthless individually but together they create graphics that are best used for scanned art work, digitized photographs, non-line art images or detailed graphics. As the raster images are pixel-based, they can have image degradation. When blown up, as photographic images gets blurry and broad, raster images gets rough and irregular. On the other hand unlike raster images, vector graphics use geometric shapes such as lines, circles curves, polygons and rectangles. They are more used for structured images like line art graphics. Vector images are used to create letterheads, logos and fonts. Vector based graphics are more flexible, versatile and easy to use. Vector images have an advantage of scalability over raster images. Vector images are clearer than the raster images. We at Thefreedesigner.com offer and provide free raster to vector conversion of images. Get best vector images as per your needs. With us, users can request for free image affects services. This service is used to make high resolution images of raster graphics which users already have and also in logo designs.
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